Sauna & Steam Room

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KOKORO Wellness Center offers a sauna and a steam room for two different forms of heat exposure therapy. We believe that warmth provides many wellness benefits, from mental health to cardiovascular strengthening. These are helpful for anyone trying to feel their best, both as part of an ongoing exercise routine or as part of a physical therapy program. The sauna and steam room are especially impactful as part of an exercise, heat / cold cycle that provides for a total wellness and recovery experience.

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Day Pass: Gym, Cold Plunge, Sauna & More - $49

Contrast Therapy - Hot & Cold - $50

Monthly Gym Membership - $299

Healthy heat

A sauna or steam room session activates heat shock proteins in your body, which helps reorganize proteins in your cells. Research suggests this can help with cognitive health, including improved mood and memory function.

Steam benefits

The steam room provides respiratory wellness benefits associated with hot, humid air. This includes lung recovery after a hard workout and temporary relief from congestion and bronchitis symptoms. Anyone who lives in Austin knows the pain of mountain cedar season, and the steam room can help alleviate allergic response symptoms.

contrast therapy

For maximum recover response, we believe in the unique benefits of a heat-cold cycle. Our sauna and steam room help activate your body’s heat response before transitioning to a cold plunge pool to maximize the effect of the cold shock response. Learn more

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