KOKORO offers challenging yoga classes for everybody.

Yoga is an empowering practice that builds mental and physical strength and helps your mind and body recover from hard workouts or daily stressors. Our teachers’ extensive experience allows you to get more out of your time doing yoga – athletes of every level will find a calming atmosphere and enveloping flow specifically designed to let you focus on being fully present.

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Single class drop in - $25

Monthly Gym Membership - $299

Quiet the Mind

The flow state of yoga breaks down the tension and mind chatter that we all have from the daily grind. Yoga helps quiet your mind to create a true respite from the outside world.

Challenge the Body

Yoga at KOKORO is dynamic. Every class is inclusive of all levels and goals. We believe that yoga helps to strengthen and recover muscles through dynamic movement and deep stillness.

Restore, Renew, Results

We believe that movement follows the breath. Each yoga practice incorporates breathwork and unique combinations of poses to create a meditative practice in motion. Come as you are, leave rejuvenated and ready for what life entails.

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